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Basic Steps to Trim Overgrown Dog Nails – 2022 Guide

Urgh. Those overgrown nails are the worst. And they can cause a lot of problems for a dog and its owner. Especially if it’s an esa letter for housing and needs grooming. Know this, you doggo will never just subjugate themselves to nail clipping. Sadly! Only the best apartment dogs are ever calm about this. You will have to put in a lot of effort to clip their nails.

But, well, I have a few tips that can help.

Just follow these steps and you will be able to trim the nails of your dog. It will take some practice but you won’t have much trouble.

Let’s have a look.

Step #1: Select the Clippers

So, there are two types of clippers for dogs: guillotine emotional support animal letter and scissor-type nail clippers. The former is the best choice, especially if your dog has those black and hard nails.

They are also easier to use than the scissor type.

Although that depends on you as well. So make your choice.

Step #2: Make Em Comfortable

Before you start the clipping, make sure that your dog is in a good mood and very, very comfortable.

If they feel sleepy then that is even better.

You can also allow your dog to sniff the nail clipper and make sure that it is not threatening or anything like that. Just so they know that all is well.

Step #3: Get in Position

Now that your dog knows that everything will be ok, you need them to get in a position from where you can easily clip their nails.

The best course of action is to have someone help you. The other person can hold the dog while you quickly clip the nails. 

But be careful and do not cut blindly.

Step #4: Find the Quick

The quick is the skin that surrounds the nail. You need to locate it so that you don’t cut the skin along with the nail.

So, feel the paw of your doggo and try to locate the quick.

If you can’t find it, then it’s ok. Just clip the nail in small bits. Then you will be able to reach the quick slowly enough.

Step #5: Trim Slowly

Once you have found the quick, the best way to trim the nails is to go about it slowly. So that your dog won’t even notice what is happening.

If you are quick and make agitated motions then this will cause the dog to panic as well.

Then you will just lose control of the situation so move forward but slowly.

Step #6: It Takes Time

When people first start trimming the nails of their dog, it can actually take days. Why? Because the dog is not used to the process.

So, if it becomes restless, let go and try after some time.

If that isn’t working then try after a few hours. If even that doesn’t work then try the next day. 

Bonus Step: Apply the Cure

If you have accidentally trimmed the quick of your doggo then do not panic.

It is not that much of a big deal.

Just apply Styptic Powder to the area to stem the bleeding. Cornstarch will do as well.

Then give your dog a treat for being so nice and putting up with you.

Anddddddd it’s done.

The nails have been trimmed and your dog is groomed.

Now, if you are thinking about making them your ESA then this would be the right time to do so. Go get that ESA Letter while your dog is still groomed. This is your best shot at happiness.

Just find an authentic website and make sure to check for a scam.

Once you are satisfied, fill the form on the website and wait for a licensed medical professional to contact you.

That’s all.

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